“Restored” is an amazing story of restoration and hope. The Author shares her journey that will have you laughing, crying, sitting in amazement, and wondering how she made it. She has overcome many experiences that could have taken her out had she not allowed God to love and heal her. She reminds us to be slow to judge because there is a reason people make the choices they make. She shows us the power of love when it’s released to a person.


In her authentic approach, you will find her intent to describe in detail the challenges in her childhood that caused her to question her identity. It is a personal peek into her life and the lives of many who aren’t properly validated the way GOD intended. She digs up the pain she hid in her heart, confronts it, processes it, and uses her story to help others. She has learned to confront her issues, leave the shame of her past behind and MOVE FORWARD. Tanya Lewis is an amazing woman who has overcome many challenges.


Tanya is a comedian, author, writer, actor, and mother who resides in Woodbridge, Virginia with her three adorable children. As a faithful and multitalented member of the performing arts ministry at Victory Christians Ministries International in Woodbridge, Virginia, Tanya uses her diverse talents to entertain and minister to congregates as an actor, comedian, mime, and spoken word artist. Tanya reminds us we are all VICTORIOUS through Christ Jesus and He can take our mess and make it a masterpiece. Her story is still unfolding, but what God is doing is marvelous in her eyes.


I encourage you to read this story and allow it to help you develop compassion for those who are trapped in sin and ask God to help you be a demonstration of His love to those who need desperately to know, “Yes, Jesus loves you.”